Artur Prikhno

Investigative journalist

He specializes in the topic of enforced disappearances of civilians during hostilities, as well as in covering war trials. He graduated from the Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy.

Since 2019, he has been covering trials related to war, the Revolution of Dignity, as well as attacks on activists and journalists. He used to work for the Insider publication and the Watchers project. He wrote reports from court hearings and analytical materials for such publications as, Novynarnia, Censor.NET.

He takes part in field missions and investigations of Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine.

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Prisoners of war
A lifeless body returned instead of a living prisoner. What happened to Oleksandr Shevchenko in Russian captivity

“It’s a 99.9% DNA match,” a cold voice told Oksana Shevchenko, Chernihiv Oblast, over the phone. This […]

11 May 2023

“We’ve been proving for a year that it was no ordinary stroll with assault rifles.” History of the struggle of Kherson territorial defense members

A man who introduced himself as an FSB officer put a notebook in front of Oleksandr Starodubets, […]

14 April 2023

War and justice
“The world isn’t fighting just for the sovereignty of Ukraine, it is fighting for the observance of the world order,” — Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis is the executive director of the International Bar Association discusses a tribunal for senior political and military leaders of Russia, trial of cases by Ukrainian courts, and support by the international community.

23 March 2023

Other war crimes
Ethnic Swedes, Germans, and Boykos of Zmiivka: from Soviet Repressions to the Russian Occupation

It was Saturday, April 30. That day, Mykola Kurivchak, the headman of Zmiivka, a village in Kherson […]

7 February 2023

Other war crimes
Beryslav “prison.” Russians held a teacher captive, urging him to cooperate

Beryslav is a town in Kherson Oblast that was under Russian occupation from the early days of […]

26 December 2022

Crimes in Olenivka: Chronology, Testimonies and Names of Those Involved

The history of creation and operation of the most notorious place used for detention of civilians and […]

1 December 2022

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