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Prisoners of war
57th Brigade Soldiers Missing in Action: Heavy Combat, Death, Captivity, and the Search

On the very first day of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the entire territory of the Luhansk region became a battlefield. At that time, the soldiers of the 57th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, named after the Kish Otaman Kost Hordiienko, were stationed in the area of Triokhizbenka. A significant number of the brigade's soldiers were captured during that period, and most of them are still held by the Russians, with some considered missing in action. Since then, many families of the 57th Brigade soldiers have been struggling to find and bring back their loved ones. On the second anniversary of the fierce battles for the towns of Novotoshkivka and Toshkivka in Luhansk, MIHR tells the stories of several soldiers of this brigade who are missing in action.

10 May 2024

War and justice
Genocide in Srebrenica: History Lessons for Ukraine

On 11 July 1995, over eight thousand Bosnian Muslims — men and boys — were captured and killed by the forces and police of Bosnian Serbs near the town of Srebrenica. The planned and organized massacre of people on religious and ethnic grounds is still considered the largest in Europe since World War II.

30 April 2024

Russia’s persecution of civilian Ukrainians may be a crime against humanity — OSCE reveals new facts

The OSCE has presented a report on violations and abuses of international humanitarian and human rights law, war crimes, and crimes against humanity related to the arbitrary deprivation of liberty of civilian Ukrainians by the Russian Federation. The report was prepared by a mission of OSCE experts within the framework of the Moscow Mechanism, the launch of which the Media Initiative for Human Rights has been advocating for more than a year and a half. During the preparation of the document, the MIHR worked closely with the mission's experts, with facts about Russia's crimes documented by us becoming part of the report.

26 April 2024

The MIHR presented to the OSCE the results of the analysis on the rights and motivation of victims of war crimes

The Media Initiative for Human Rights continues its advocacy visit to the OSCE within the Supplementary Human Dimension Meetings framework. Analyst Lyubov Smachylo and Head of the War Crimes Courts Monitoring Department Oksana Rasulova participated in the event "Challenges of establishing justice in Ukraine for victims of war crimes and their motivation at the national level," organized by the MIHR.

24 April 2024

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Медійна ініціатива за права людини (МІПЛ) — це медійна команда, яка змінює зовнішню і внутрішню політику задля інтеграції України у вільний світ.

Організацію заснували у вересні 2016 року журналістки Марія Томак і Ольга Решетилова. Відразу після створення організації основною діяльністю МІПЛ були журналістські розслідування порушень прав людини з подальшим адвокаційним супроводом справ. Наразі МІПЛ поєднує моніторинг і документування порушень прав людини у зв’язку зі збройною агресією РФ, висвітлення, розслідування окремих епізодів, аналіз зібраних даних та адвокаційні активності. Для команди важливо не лише говорити про проблеми порушень прав людини в окупації та зоні бойових дій, а передусім впливати на їх вирішення та спонукати належну реакцію на них як на національному, так і на міжнародному рівнях.